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Qeshm Cement Company

Qeshm cement company

Qeshm Cement Factory is located on the beautiful and vast island of Qeshm, at km 7 of Dargahan-Ramkan road. The factory was put into operation in two phases. The factory was put into operation in two phases. In the first phase, the cement mill with a production capacity of 350 tons of cement per day was put into operation in 2000, and then the second phase of the factory began in Spring of 2002. The construction of the complete line of this 900 ton factory was completed in Winter of 2005 and was officially put into trial operation in March of this year. With a capacity of 1200 tons per day is in operation. now Qeshm Cement Factory with a capacity of 1200 tons per day is in operation.

qeshm cement factory


Nominal capacities of different production units:

Nominal capacities of different production units:
Crusher 240 tons per hour
Soil storage 14,000 tons
Raw material mill 90 tons per hour
Raw material silo 4,500 tons
Furnace 1,200 tons per day
Clinker silo 20,000 tons
Cement mills 60 tons per hour
Cement silos 11,000 tons
Loader 120 tons per hour (2400 bags per hour)

Valuable and key achievements of Qeshm Cement Company

Attracting young employees and using their talents, creativity and valuable experiences in advancing the company’s goals are among the honors of the company’s shareholders and managers, which made it have a superior position in this industry. Qeshm Cement Company as the largest production plant in Qeshm Island is proud of its long-term goals, production of cement in accordance with valid national and international standards in this island and while meeting the region’s need for this strategic product to supply and export cement And clinker to other countries. Over the past years, the company has achieved the satisfaction of its customers outside Iran by observing the necessary international standards in the production of products and has been able to export over 70% of its products to the Persian Gulf countries, Southeast Asia, Africa and many others. Also, by establishing integrated management systems by upgrading the scientific and technical level of its employees in order to increase the productivity of human resources and production machinery, with a worthy presence in global markets, it has been able to show the capabilities of Islamic Iran experts to the world.


  1. Sepehr Energy Company (special shares)
  2. Kenz Investment Company (special shares)
  3. Qeshm Tobacco Company

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