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  • Production capacity of 1200 tons of cement per day
  • 22 years of experience
  • Production capacity of 240 tons of stone crushers per hour
  • Production capacity of 14,000 tons of soil rock
  • Milling capacity of 90 tons of raw materials per hour
  • Production capacity of 1,200 tons of furnaces per day
  • The capacity of cement mills is 60 tons per hour
  • 120 tons per hour loading house (2400 bags per hour)



Clinker in Portland cement production is heated grains, usually 3 to 25 mm (diameter), formed by heating limestone and aluminum silicate (clay) during the cement kiln stage. Clinker is one of the raw materials for cement production and is a process product and depending on the type of cement, it is used in cement composition. In general, cement is prepared in two ways, wet and dry. In the wet method, the raw materials (clinker) are mixed and ground together in water, and in the dry method, the raw materials (clinker) are mixed and ground in the dry state.

faviconType 5 cement

In this type of cement – which is made for use in places that are exposed to sulfate attacks – the percentage of C3A is limited to a maximum of 5%. Since the hydration heat of this type of cement is much lower than the hydration heat of ordinary Portland cement, it can be used in bulk concreting.

تیپ 5
faviconType 2 cement

A type of cement that is called Portland cement mixed in the industry is type 2 cement, which is known among consumers as modified cement or medium heat cement. When this cement is used, it creates little heat during its hydration and does not cause problems in hot areas. Type 2 cement is one of the examples of cement that is resistant to salts and ions and can protect all reinforcement used in buildings from the effects of rust and corrosion.

faviconCement 425-1

Type 1 cement is commonly referred to as Portland cement in the construction industry and manufacturing plants. This type of cement is widely used in concrete making. Thus, the role of cement in concrete making is to stick the gravel in the concrete. Type 1 cement or Portland cement is mostly used in areas that are dry and temperate. Of course, it should be noted that this cement can be used only in concretes that sulfates can not be in the vicinity of concrete…


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Carrying out annual periodical examinations of personnel working in Qeshm Cement Company

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Tree Planting Day Ceremony at Qeshm Cement Company

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