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Cement Company of Qeshm

Sales are not the only goal , They’re just the start of our commitment

History :

Qeshm Cement Factory is located in this beautiful island which requires 7 km travel to Dargahan-Ramkan road. This factory has had 2 operational phases. The first operation was carried out in 2000 in which saw the installation of cement mill section with the capacity to produce 350 tons of cement in a day. The second phase came into operation in mid 2002. The construction line for this factory (which is able to produce 900 tons of cement each day) was finalized in early 2005 and was officially started its operation later that year. In 2010 we elaborated the capacity of daily production of cement to 1400 ton .

Mines :

The factory has a special surrounding environment , it has access to rich and easy to extraction  lime , and also marl stone which is spread 7 km along the base. These materials are the first and basic requirement of cement production. In Stratigraphy terms, the Aghajari Fm in the area has 3000 meter depth which stands on a wide platform made of limestone sand , silt and marl. By enjoying a rich amount of fossiliferous lime and marl , Qeshm Cement Factory wont rely on silt which makes it a competitive competitor inside and abroad . 









Main achievements of Qeshm Cement Factory :

we are proud to say that stakeholders and managers have put their faith on young talents by using their potentials and creativities in order to gain competitive advantage in this industry. Qeshm Cement Factory is the greatest cement producer in Qeshm Island and is proud to deliver different types of cement including type 2 , 5 , 425-1 , and Pozzolana based on International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards. On the one hand the factory satisfies regional needs and on the other hand , it attempts to export this product to neighboring countries. This company has clear view of industry needs and always been in co ordinance with international standers of cement production. This leads to consumer satisfaction which’s  been the case since the beginning. That’s why more than 70% of cement production injects directly to the countries around Persian Golf like Iraq. By using integrated management systems we were able to raise knowledge base and skills of employees in order to increase the productivity of human resource and mechanisms included in the process. These capabilities are the manifestations of capabilities and potentials that exists in Iran’s young talents.